Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Last letter from the MTC! October 14th, 2013

hey yeah it is crazy I am leaving at 6 in the morning. I found my umbrella hidden in one of the pockets. I looked for the whole six weeks I was here for it. drove me nuts. Yes I have like 50 pounds of books to pack but lucky I have tons of room. I am almost done packing to. its not to bad. but I did have to figure out where to start with it all. yes I have gotten some letters from girls.  I will definitely send all my new info when I get it. and I am pretty sure that my p day is Monday. I am starting to get pretty good at the lisp with all the speaking I just have a hard time all around with everything. the lisp is called a theta. They pronounce it with za ce ci zo zu. it is just like the vowels. it is some crazy stuff. I don´t know how I am going to communicate with people . I am screwed if my comp is a native. and not a single person can pronounce my name yet. In the park Saturday me and my comp talked with this lady we contacted who spoke some English for like over an hour she took a Book of Mormon and we got here contact info then we contacted a guy from Argentina who is a professor at one of the colleges for a while and he took a Book of Mormon but didn´t really want us to contact him. He was more interested in just asking us about what we believe than wanting to talk more. 
I miss you guys. I have that pre game feeling again
Love Elder Billingsley
I can´t believe I am already going out to the filed. It is insane how fast the last six weeks has been.  There where times where it felt really long but sometimes where it felt really short. And right now is one of those short moments. Wish I had a few more weeks to get the language a little better. I already know that the first few months are going to be the worst for me. You start wondering if you are ready to actually do the real thing after doing all these practice lessons and contacting people in the park which really isn´t that hard especially since most of them flip us off in some form. It happens so much you just start to laugh every time it happens.  In fact I don´t think I have been flipped the bird so many times in my life. Oh and apparently we might get I pads in the nest 6 months to a year.  There might even be the possibility of us keeping them when we are done the mtc pres said. We will see. I guess tonight we get a pizza party. dominos pizza. I just want some Americanized grease right now. Even if I have gained weight since getting here. Last night we had a talent show. All the districts had to do something. My district redid the hey there Delilah song to dear john lyrics it was freakin awesome. Ours was the funniest one.
love blake

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