Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 10th, 2013 letter

wow Bria already looks a ton different. and it has only been just over a month.  1 out of 24 . I wish I could have been there to see her. I love it when people can´t control themselves.  I can´t believe that the hawks lost. I am disappointed but they still have a whole season. I got to go on another temple tour. I can honestly say that looking in the mirror across from the alter is kind of crazy it just goes and goes and goes.  I tried to do the temple in Spanish today but they didn´t have enough headsets. our sessions are in English.  so my card said Spanish on it so when I got to the veil I had to do it in Spanish. that was kind of crazy. I can honestly say my Spanish sucks.  I can understand what is going on when someone talks to me but my Spanish sucks I just can´t speak it. I only have a few days left here at the mtc. it has gone by so fast. I feel like I need another few weeks to really learn some stuff. my trainer is going to have to work hard because I feel like I know squat.
I think this general conference I got more out of it than I ever have. it is crazy how much more you get out of it when you are with the spirit 24/7. sorry for the typing these keyboards are messed up.  I thought there were a ton of good talks. I thought about Holland's talk on depression and wish that everyone where we live at least would here it.  that stuff is crazy.  I feel like every other talk was about missionary work. heck even elder Ballard gave us a shout out from the pulpit. it is kind of crazy to think that i shook his hand a few weeks ago and there were two other guys that spoke that where with him.  they talked so much about missionary work.  I can´t remember who said it but someone talked about everyone in the church needs to invite one person to attend activities before Christmas or something like that. that would be crazy if that happened. this is my last p day here so I figured I would get my hair cut and get already for the field.  I guess we might have to leave at like 6 in the morning here because of when trains leave to get to Barcelona. kind of crazy.
Dad you look good in glasses and that sweatshirt is bomb.  We get email time on Monday so I better get some more letters. I think they are giving us addresses to email you and stuff like that for our first area.  Can´t wait to get to the field even though I know absolutely no Spanish. 
love Blake
Holy crap it has gone by so fast. yes I have enjoyed the last month. it has been super hard and fun and all kinds of crazy emotions. ha ha you guys even forgot piano when I was home. Yes tell her to take the practice test, it is so important. I really wish I would have taken it. I will definitely tell you about everything during my mission and about my companions. As for my companions in the MTC. My first companion was Elder Ward. We got along really well. The companion I got when the new guys arrived is Elder Hally from Idaho Falls.  Oh yeah Elder Ward is from somewhere in Utah, but there are two guys I get along with really well here. Elder Schoen and Elder Poulsen.  Apparently we are such good friends that when we get back me and Elder Schoen have to help Poulsen propose to his girlfriend. lucky for him she is serving a mission in the Philippines so he has less time to get Dear Johned.  We give him so much crap about it.   I swear everyone else is from Utah though. There is this guy named Elder Roberts from Heber City Utah. He's a stud. I think I have met people from all over here. French Tahitian Russian German Portuguese Albanian and Italian.
How is Bria doing after her surgery? she is already getting huge.  

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