Wednesday, September 25, 2013

He made it September 4th, 2013 Madrid Spain MTC

Hey mom and dad,
I don´t think I have slept at all since I left. pretty much all I can say about the flights was that the food sucked. The first flight was not to bad, but I had to sit in atlanta for like two hours by myself and then a couple of elders showed up from dallas and san diego. they are the only two out of all 22 of us that arent from utah. I have been up for ever it feels like and have som crazy jet lag.  they are telling us not to sleep at all till 10 30 or 11 tonight so i pretty much havent slept for two days. 
I don´t understand most of what everyone is saying and no one can pronounce my name. I think i have herd about 100 different ways to say it.  anyways I love you guys. oh and I get to go to the temple at 7 30 tomorrow morning. can´t wait

Family picture after being set apart as a full time missionary.

Last hugs and good-byes from the brother and sisters.

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