Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2nd Letter September 12, 2013

 the food hear isn´t bad but the teachers say the food in the field is better. we only have like 40 to 50 missionarys here right now but i guess the last group they had was like 100 they said. and it´s not a very big place.the temple isn´t huge and yes the templle is freaking awesome inside.  i have been able to go 2 times now.  every saturday we go to the park to make contacts and i was able to place a book of mormon and get the guys refferal info.  lucky for me he knew how to speak english. soryy if my email sucks, these computers are messed up. doing laundry sucks here. it´s kinda weird being here. it´s still kinda unreal. today we did get to go out into the heart of madrid because it was p day.  there are so many shops.  the archutecture is crazy. there is a bunch of french missionarys here and they are freakin awesome. I can.t believe that i have been here for a week. i am so tired all the time. i wish there was just one day i could sleep in till like 9. it took me about 4 days to adjust to the time difference. everyone was falling asleep in class and in devotionals. i just had dinner so its really weird for me to think that its like 10 or 11 in the morning there. hope everyone is doing good. love and miss you all.  how is bria
elder billingsley
ps  they only give us like a half hour to write

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