Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 19, 2013 MTC

 hey Mom and Dad
so my tipical day is so freaking long. wake up at 6 30. then breakfeast. after breakfeast we have personal study, but on tuesdays we have a devotional. then grammer class. after that i teacch a progressing investigator lesson then gosple study. aftetr that more grammer and then luch which is the big meal here in spain. after lunch i teach another fake investigator and then more gospel study. after that i have mor language study. then i get to go play soccer for an hour then shower and eat dinner at 6 30. after dinner i teach again and then have lnguage study agin. one feakin long day. lights are suppose to be off ant 10 30 but it never is befor 11.
i got a new companion. they seithced things up with all the knew guys that showed up. wndsday is laudry day for me. thursday is  p day and temple day. thursday is park day. last saturday i had no success in the park. last saturday early in the morning i got to hear elder ballard speak.saturday early in the morning i got to shake his hand. i guess he was here to train people and then fly to rome to organize a new stake. i met my mission pres to because he was here for that.  we all took pictures with him and his wife. i don´t know but it might be on the blog.  elder ballard pretty much told us to have a desire to sever and be the best missionarys the church has had becouse things are going to get worse in the world. he also told us that we will probably be called to do things most missionarys don´t do till they are towrads the end of there mission because of the growing number of missionarys. he says that we are still at the beginging of it. apperently my mission will be at the max missionary number befor june next year. after are temple session today we got to tour the temple. the madrid temple is so beuatiful.
in the park we just make contacts and get refearals. this week i had lamb rivbs for lucnh. freaking bomb.there are definitly people here you just want to deck but you have to hold it in. we have everyone here from hick to rich.  earlier this week we but like 4 alarm clocks in this groups room for like half hour incraments. everyone in the room thought it was funny except one. i guess he told on us.  no one likes him now cause the whole group was in on it. 
don´t tell cole but the soccer is making me sore. sometimes we get to play with the neighborhhod kis. they are freaking boss.  its crazy that i am about halfway done at the mtc.
lvoe blake
Second letter of the day
thanks mom and dad. i rushed back to the mtc to get my second email session today.  \i will get some stamps eventually to wright cole and bria mack.  i might be able to buy some of the mtc presidency it sounds like.  we were able to go to the real madrid stadium and take a tour today.  it is so freaking awesome. i took tons of pictures but i don't think i can send them till the end of my stay here. don't worry i will.  i will send this pamplete in the letter with coles so he can see what i did. i saw the evolution of soccder cleats and balls and jersys. the stadium is so freaking big. we got to sit in the players box and in the locker room wich is crazy. thank you for sending the bag. i know it won't be cheap.  I love you mom and dad. we had to get on a metro train which is an underground train. all by ourselves to get back and write emails  there was an elder that started dry heaving so the teachers had to stay back with him. that was an adventure. lucky for me i can barly read spanish so i knew when to switch metros.  my spanish is still no bueno but it's coming along. i can say basic prayers and stuff. the lessons we teach are a big struggle still. they say that by the end we will be able to do alright but we won't be able to actually really speak for another 4 months. they say that we will then be able to say almost anything we want without even thinking. wish i could do that now.
love blake

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