Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1st P-Day Letter September 12, 2013: Looks like it will take some time for him to get used to the Spanish keyboard.

hey dad
sorry if my writing sucks but the computers here are messed up. i finally adjusted th the time difference after about 4 or 5 days. all those meeting s we had i fell asleep in every single one. the temple here is buetiful. i just got back form it this morning and i really needed it because i was draging the last 2 days.  if you guys ever make it over here you have to go. it´s awesome to wake up and go to bed seeing the temple. well the food here isn´t horribble but it is till mtc food. it´s all traditional spanish food but the teachers say we will eat much better food out in the field. <i can´t wait. 
that stinker stealing my bed. he had already started laying down in it before i left.  hoopefully he learns some spanish. that way i can write him back the very little espannol i know. i can say the most basic prayer in spanish and say short phrases. it´s a good thing my companion took 6 years of it groning up.  otherwise id be lost.  his name is elder ward or elder barrio as we like to call him.  he was a convert to the church at 13. and like most of the missionarys here he is form utah. ther are only4 of us that arent, we just got 10 eldcers and a sisster show up from provo. they just got their visaas
oh yea i forgot i have been eating tons of potatos.  are first saturday here we went to this park to do are thing. and i could not understand a single pearson.  lucky for me the companion the paired me up with for that could speak. we get anew compainoin every time we do that. however i was able to find a guy that spoke english. i was able to give him a book of mormon and get his contact info to refferal him to the elders in the area.  it was the biggest growing experianc ever.
there is so much to say but they only give us like a half hour at a time and i get another half hour tonight. although it will still be morning there. honestly though my smanish suck right now and we are doing those mock investigagors. oh boy they are freaking hard.  i miss and love everyone. im so glad that cole said he wants to go on a mission. so far it has been a trip. <i feel like we are in prson most of the time here, but the little of spain i have seen is buetiful. madrid is awsome.
the previous mtc president told us that we were here to suffer not to convert. he was a pretty good speaker. he goes, you gus arent that good at teaching. you are not here to teach the gosple you are here to learn about it. you guys better keep reaking it,s muy importante. and no i am still trying to fingish my reading up. that plane ride sucked. i miss and love all you. guys.
oh yeah laudry sucks with all thesed missiarys
elder billingslñey

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