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Letters from Blake November 11/12/2013


Sorry I am writing on Tuesday. We had a specialzed traing with another zone so our p day was swithched to today. Vegas sounds like it was a blast, I am definitly  going some time when I get back,  but for now I am having fun here. It is a freaking roller coaster. We get some things going and then all of a sudden it´s like everthing blows up and you are like what the heck we have nothing. So you have to start from ground zero again. It is so crazy.

 I have already seen the changes a mission can make in you. It has made me look at things differently and you learn to be a little more compassionate. I know that there are so many more things you can learn from being out here. Although living with a bunch of dudes gets olds.
This past week my companion and I just contacted I think everyday for pretty much the whole day. Whenever we could get into a building we would knock on every door we could. One night we were looking for a menos activo and the door we knocked on in this building was the right door but she didn´t live their anymore. There was this guy from Ecuador who was baptized a member back in Ecuador but has lived in Spain for the last eight years not going to church so hoppefully we can work with him and his girlfriend who isn´t a member. 

I still have a hard time with the language and still catch myself zoning out because I have no clue what is going on, but everyday I am improving I hope. My companion says I am. My pronunciation is pretty good when I read I just need to learn words and conjugate now. 

Love Elder Billingsley

I am glad you and Dad had fun in Vegas, it sounded fun. Living here is interesting, I actually kind of feel Closter phobic. The piso living is driving me nuts living on top of everyone. There are so many people in Barcelona. Metros and buses are packed like sardine cans. Everyone says that Sundays are the days missionary's work hard but here you try to but people usually don´t like to have missionary's over on Sundays and the streets are empty. People are either gone or just don´t want to do anything so Sundays are one of the most difficult days to do anything. 
Yep I bought a couple of sweaters. I got regular a v neck sweater for like 7 euros and a half zip one for like 15 euros. They are both really nice but I think the half zip was my favorite, and when I bought them it was a holiday apperently so the store was picked over as far as color. They are both like a shade of grey. Hopefully I can find like a black one somewhere for pretty cheap. 

I have a crazy story that I will write you and dad in a letter, it will blow your minds!

Love, Elder Billingsley.

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