Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter from Barcelona 11/18/2013

It´s always good to be busy at work right? Well at least for my companion and I we have been busy but still just street contacting and trying to get into buildings to knock on doors. It has become hard the last couple days with all the rain we have been getting. I swear every day we are just  contacting and if we have one or two appointments they usually cancel on us. There was this one lady who canceled on us 3 times this week but we finally met with here on Saturday. It ended up being an awesome lesson. We barley taught anything because she stole the words from our mouths. It was awesome and here son was there. I think he is sixteen so we are going to try and work on him really hard because if we get him interested she will really be interested. 
I think that all the Elders in my zone are going to try and get together today and either do a turkey bowl or try to do some dodge ball in the gym because it is raining so hard. We really wanted to do a turkey bowl for thanksgiving right before transfers next week before people leave but I think its going to be dodge ball oh well. 

So yesterday after church I had my favorite Spanish dish I think, and I don´t think another one will beat it. We ate Paella at a members house.  It was so freaking good. She gave me to freaking huge plates of it, like they were huge. Then she brings me a plate of this huge chicken leg and thigh with like a curry flavor and 4 potatoes. After that she brought us a plate of grapes and then she gave us gello for a dessert. I don´t think I have ever eaten so much food. I didn´t need to eat dinner last night.

I can say that there are days that seem like weeks and weeks that seem like days but so far this has been a really fast transfer. Everyone tells me they just go faster and faster even if you are have a tough transfer. So I guess we will see how the rest of it goes. Hopefully we can get some work going in our area this next week.

Love Elder Billingsley

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