Monday, January 27, 2014

Blake's Letter 1/27/2013 from Santander

Letter to DAD:


Well the work here in Santander is defiantly busy. We did have one morning were we knocked on like just over 200 doors and got 1 new investigator out of it. He still thinks we have like 5 wives. He was joking around with us but was actually a little serious about it. We are working with a long list of in actives, after meeting with the Bishop a couple of times to here about the number of inactive people here is ridiculous. The active members are always helping us out and that is great.

(This part has been deleted because Blake takes a jab at his old Dad being old since he "Blake" is turning 19 in a week).

The roomer around here is that we might get a glimpse of I pads and face book type stuff in February during our specialized training. It is suppose to be two days long so nobody really knows what is going to happen. We are all still hoping. That would mean carrying around less stuff for us, which kills us. I am defiantly going to need a massage or something when I get back or a lot of them. The missionary work is really getting better, in our mission we have a goal of 30 baptisms a week which would give us like 1500 baptisms for the year. This last week was the closest we were, we hit 29 baptisms and have 60 something for the month. That is not good enough President Pace is always saying, "You guys are doing good but you can do better". 

Love, Elder Billingsley

Letter to MOM:


I know it is crazy for me to think that I am turning 19 and I am in Spain. I still havent gotten down the fact that I am in another country. It still feels like I got here yesterday. Well if my package is in the office today I will get it on Wednesday because the lideres de zona are in Barcelona for concilio because we have zone enfouqe on Wednesday. If not I will get it in 2 weeks when we have specialzed training. Oh well I will get it either way. 

The Elders quorum comes out with us and we do splits at least once a week so we can get more done. I don´t know what it is exactly but there are just good members here. We talk with the bishop about who we need to be visiting and stuff, but the best way to kind of bring a ward together and fix those problems that people have had in their lives and the things they have done that they shouldnt have is through missionary work. And that is the big push here. 

Love Elder Billingsley

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