Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter from Blake on 12/9/2013 Great expereince with a blessing he gave to a lady with cancer.


Sometimes I wish I had snow days here when that alarm clock goes of in the morning but as soon you get going you are ready do go for the day. Then the night hits and the last 3 hours go so slow. Oh well its all fun. 
 I can´t believe I have been gone for 3 months already. It seems like I just left yesterday. 

So we have a few new investigators this week. A lady named Wendy and then we have a guy and his wife that have a little baby. For the most part all of our investigators are women it is kind of weird, but other than that all of our investigators failed us this week and didn't show up to church. The lady we had a baptism date with we haven´t been able to contact all week and she has just dropped off the face of the earth. 

So there is this one lady who was baptized like 3 or 4 months ago, and she has had cancer and lung problems and her daughter has been super against her joining the church. She has just had a really bad time. One night she was really sick and we gave here a blessing. The next day she had to go in and have some tests done for all here sickness stuff. Well the results came back she doesn't have cancer anymore and here lung problem went away. Then all of a sudden her daughter started coming with her to activities so we are hoping to be able to teach her daughter to. 

This week I ate dinner with this older couple from France. They have to be the richest people I have ever met. They live on the 21st floor of this building right on the beach. The view was crazy, I had this stuff called jamon which is really good and they just fed us some rally expensive food. It was kind of a cool experience.

So everything is good here. not much new happening.

Love, Elder Billingsley

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