Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blake had his first Baptisim!! What a way to start the mission off right.

So this past week has been a roller coaster here. We have been teaching this guy Juan Jesus the one I told you about. We met his father who is part of the head of this Evangelical Church. We were sitting in a park teaching him and his father came with him. As we are teaching him he starts giving this Evangelical prayer just screaming all this stuff in Spanish. He was trying to get rid of our demon spirits apparently. I had such a hard time not laughing at him but we just kept teaching his son who happens to be like 35. Well we had taught him all the main stuff with the exception of the smaller commandments and all week his Dad would make a big deal about it. Anyways I baptized him on Saturday. My first one! I didn´t think it would happen for a while. My companion looks at me while we were planning it and says its your first transfer and first baptism so you get to do it. I said the prayer correct but the first time he kind of fought me so his hand didn´t go under. So I had to do it a second time but at least it worked that time.

I almost forgot Halloween till one night we showed up at the church and got roped into helping set up for a Halloween party. I think it is the first Halloween I have not eaten candy. I kind of miss being at home during fall and going into winter. It is starting to get a little colder here but not much. They say it is suppose to get really cold in about 2 to 3 weeks. That is crazy that basketball is starting and fall sports are over. I feel like I just left and everything just started.

So we aren't allowed to play soccer in our mission because apparently missionaries got hurt all the time. Oh well guess I am here to work anyways. I still have a hard time with language but hopefully I catch on eventually. The other night we had a visit and I just forgot everything in my vocab and could not talk at all.

Love Elder Billingsley

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  1. I love reading his letter's. Let the Demons out Blake lol... I can just imagine him not laughing.